Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A TRIPTYCH......... PART 1

Having had our new wood burner installed I thought it was about time to start the new artwork to go on the newly painted walls. (Still to be painted, my excuse is it's too hot today to be up a ladder!) I am doing three panels of mixed media on canvas covered frames, which my loverly hubbie made me on Sunday.

I decided that I would need to start posting this now as it will be coming to you in installments as and when I do each stage.

Frames all sanded and ready to go!

All the frames are 6" wide and are 18", 26" and 34" long.

Just about got the canvas stretched on the frames here.
Note to self, must buy a new staple gun!

The canvas has had 2 coats of Gesso applied now so that I can add inks and paints at a later date without it running everywhere. It's also helped to make the fabric a little bit stiffer.

Watch this space for part 2!


dot said...

...will watch this space with much anticipation and excitment.

Homeleightigger said...

Now that's mean ...... all that blank canvas and not an inkling of what you are going to do, and you must have SOME idea ..... real mean I call it!! Val