Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I have been creating some Amish pieces for my course work and have decided to blog three of them as they are my favourites.

This one is my favourite

For some reason this is very American civil war era to me.

All the pieces are about 12" square and are hand quilted. I took these to Ireland to do over there whenever I had a free moment to myself.


dot said...

What a labour of love, i'm still really drawn to simple traditional quilting so really appreciated seeing these. I love the bold strong colours and simple shapes of traditional Amish work, think you've done it proud.

Homeleightigger said...

If I was your Tutor you'd get top marks - tell her from me!! I think the middle one reminds you of the war possibly because of the bar/jail centre? Val

maggiepatch said...

Lovely work. After visiting the Amish last year I do admire the simple lines but clever thought behind their quilts. Well done.