Sunday, 6 July 2008


Well seeing as it's supposed to be summer (we have torrential rain, thunder & lightening at the moment!) I decided to have a bit of a 'play' with the quintessential English summer fruit, strawberries.

I wanted to start by sun printing some fabric and somewhere along the way 'sun printing' morphed into 'mono printing'. Not quite sure how!

Anyhow, I began by mono printing with an ochre colour and when that was dry I repeated the process with a mixed green layer. Not really sure if this is a technique I really like that much.

Having done that I then cut out a strawberry stamp from funky foam and proceeded to stamp over the fabric. Still didn't like it that much so I cut it up to play with in sections.

The first piece I also colour washed with a very diluted green dye mix. Then this piece was laid over some anaglypta wallpaper and fabric pastels were rubbed over it in 3 different colours, pink, yellow and green which I then heat set. Much more pleased with the result, more texture and colour. I then free machine stitched round the strawberries and free machine quilted the background.

Not a brilliant picture, sorry!

The seeds were hand stitched using french knots, a free running stitch and small black beads.

The second piece I colour washed with metallic bronze ink mixed with a little red earth coloured ink, colour washing over the strawberries as well. I then machine appliqued two strawberries over the top, one in cotton and one in velvet.

Once again the seeds were french knots and individual straight stitches.

I still have a couple of pieces that I am playing with. Will maybe blog them later when i've decided what to do with them!


Homeleightigger said...

This is real yummy Mandi - did Wimbledon make you think of strawberries? You certainly wouldn't get any 'sun' prints in all this rain - like the stamps better actually! Delicious looking - good enough to eat. What a difference it makes when you 'continue to play'....... till you get something you like (adding layers is what I mean) Val

dot said...

"Looking good girl" think the "summertime" bit is delusional!

Richard said...


So inspired by your work, the dedication and ingenuity you show. I wish I could tap into my creative side and produce the results you do. Guess I'm too lazy to try that hard!! I'll leave it to the experts!

Fantastic work.

Hilary said...


Inspired work. Inspired blog! I'm very impressed by both. The strawberries were simply beautiful and Jacqui's book was exquisite. Loved Dot's book too and good to see what the old girl looks like! Can you actually wear the silver ring without bits falling off?