Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Public Spectacle!

Last week was 

What better way to get involved than hosting
a public knitting event, in true British fashion......
howling wind and lots of rain falling on
our marquee set up in front of 
 who were laying on our knitting day.

By the end of the day we had had
lots of lovely ladies stop by to knit a few 
rows with us.  We even had a lovely
lady from Missouri who was on her
holidays stop by and knit with us!

By the end of the day we had just enough to 
yarn bomb one of the tall bar chairs in the 
Corn exchange.
Not bad for a small market town!!

Some of our ladies made bunting and others
made flowers and tassel's to put on the chair.

A great event and what a lovely way to
meet like minded people and make new friends!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Getting Back To It.............

Well exhibition time is over, the marquee has been 
taken down and packed away for another year and we
have reclaimed our garden.  It's nice to see it again, 
especially as our beautiful poppies are staring to open!

It's time to get back into creative mode again and what 
better way than to get out my printing board
and lose myself in a day of screen printing......bliss!!

So I've been commissioned by a lovely lady to make
a piece of work for her  lounge.  Below are the test pieces 
printed ready to be cut up and pieced for the background.
The design is taken from a Japanese pot.


I've also been printing fabric ready to be turned into book
covers and bags.  
The pieces below are screen prints onto fabric that
had been printed with disperse dyes during a 
previous dyeing day.  Each of the 3 pieces of fabric is
about eight feet long so plenty of room for multiple

Hand dyed fabrics with prints of my design....

Can't wait to start turning these into beautiful
book covers.....

Or maybe they will be bag panels.......who knows...
the possibilities are endless...............