Monday, 17 December 2012

Passing the Time....

There's nothing better than spending these long cold
winters evenings in front of the fire with a little
project in hand.
Did I say 'little' project....
That might have been a slight under-exaggeration!!!

These little hexi blocks are destined to become
a King sized quilt for our bed.

My scrap box is once again overflowing
so in the true tradition of quilting I am 
turning them into something warm 
and homely.

That's 6 down.....How many to go?
.....maybe it will be finished in about 2 years
if i'm lucky!!

What could be better, on a long winter evening
snuggling up under a home made quilt, where every little bit of 
fabric used has a story to tell.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How I Love....

Those cold cold crisp Winters mornings.
We woke up this morning to find our
world had turned white with
a thick hoar frost.


The frost faeries had been hard at work
on the lilac tree!

Even the spiders webs looked amazing!

A very Christmassy looking ivy leaf.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

One down.........

So that's one down, 5 to go!

Work is underway to complete the next 6 pieces of 
work for the exhibition in May 2013!

I have finally finished the first piece and the next 3 are
well under way. 

So, here is a little sneaky peek at a bit of the 
first piece!

All the pieces are based on the 'Goddess'
form and all will contain text that I 
find inspirational, both of my own 
making and reproduced with  
kind permission of the authors.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Working in Abstract

I have been aiming to work more toward the abstract .  To help me along
the way I have joined an Abstract Challenge group
and this months challenge following the 
storms in the U.S.A  is 'Sandy'.

This is an exercise in Sketch book design so I don't have 
to complete a textile mixed media piece.

So this is the start of my first piece.  Dark stormy skies in soft pastels with 
isobars based on a manipulated copy of my thumb print.  I have also decided to
include text within each piece.  Thinking about the devastation that 
a storm such a Sandy would bring made me think about all the people 
that are important in my life.  So the text is a stamp of 
'How do I love thee, let me count the ways'
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Things To Come

Posting here has been a bit haphazard lately due to computer problems.

I have been working on the next body of work for the exhibition next May
so here is a sneaky peek of things to come!

Lots more work to be done on these before they are finished
 but they are coming along nicely.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A very mixed ability group I am part of decided to make a 
small wall hanging, with each person making one strip 4" x 18"
Round Robin style.  So we all chose our fabrics and made the 
first strip before sending our fabrics on to the next person.

So here is my finished pieces.  All the girls did a lovely job on their strips
despite a few having some collywobbles to start with.  

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Olympic Panel

As part of the Cultural Olympic celebrations 
a group of 77 artists from the Open Studios 
scheme, myself included collaborated in making a panel
celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics.

All the artworks measure 20 cm square and 
are created using various mediums. 

 Paint, ceramic, glass, textiles, metal,perspex and wood
all feature withing the panel.

 The panel will be on show in the Balcony Bar
of the Corn Exchange in Newbury until the 15th Sept.

It's well worth a look.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Little Bit Of Crochet

During the day I have been very busy working on
 my next body of work to be exhibited next year.

Come the evening time I've been creating this piece of loveliness,
a blanket make out of crocheted hexagons...very easy to do .
There's a long way to go yet to make it into a usable blanket but I'm
looking forward to working on it through the winter when it will keep my 
knees warm as I'm working on it!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Off The Beaten Track

As we are hosting the Olympic Games this year
there have  been a number of Cultural Olympiad Events 
occurring up and down the country.

For us, the big one is was the Fire Garden at one of our most
important heritage sights, Stonehenge.

We were greeted by the sight of huge spheres lit up, massive fire candles 
and chaps manipulating fire, all amongst the massive stones which are normally 
roped off and can only be viewed from a distance.  
The atmosphere was amazing!

 One of the many fire candles, each one had a different
design on it along with writing in 
different languages.

 Fire balls, these could be clearly seen from the road
and were an impressive sight for those driving past!

The automatons made amazing shadows on the stones.

Below, some of the lanterns that were hanging amongst the stones.
These had all been made out of t-shirts!!

 One of the chaps 'playing with fire'

This had to be one of the best ways to spend a cold damp English Summer Evening,
with all that fire around we we're never going to be cold!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Bouquet of Loveliness

I have spent a lovely day crafting with paper, not something 
I tend to do very often.....
The result of my efforts is a beautiful bouquet of loveliness...
Each one will be given as a gift at some point over the next few months...

Picnic Lunch....

Whilst my laptop has been out of action & refusing to work I've been in my
 workroom crafting and have made this little gem.

I've decided that if the summer ever comes to the UK I will take my picnic blanket & sketch 
book over the common and spend some time sitting in  the sun.  
So I needed something suitable to take my lunch in and this little bag is perfect.
It  has a wipe clean interior with plenty of room inside for my fruit and veg!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Arrivals

In a few short weeks there will be a new arrival within the family.
As we already know baby will be a boy I've been making
a few little goodies for when he arrives.

A couple of little bibs........

A couple of burpie pads to go over mums shoulder......

And a little birdie basket to keep it all in.......

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A sneaky Peek

So with 8 days to go before Open Studios starts I thought
I'd give you a little sneaky peek of some of the pieces
that will be in this years exhibition.......

A little detail from one of the boats.....

Moving onto the garden.....

 A little bit of Cow parsley and 
Sea Holly.......

 so there you go.......
If you're in my neck of the woods then please
do pop in .....

entry # 10 in the brochure and on the website.

Monday, 16 April 2012

A Little Tweet

Don't you just love Spring ....
Whilst working in the garden at the weekend
we could hear a little chirping noise coming from
the ivy hedge......
Carefully peering in between the leaves we found a
perfect little nest with three beautiful
chicks in it.  
Quickly, before mum came back we
took a couple of quick snaps then left them in peace.
Can you guess what type of bird they are??

We spent a good long while watching 
Mrs Blackbird flitting in and out of the nest with
food for her chicks......

Did you guess right??........

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Exhibition Time Once Again

How quickly the last year has gone.  It's once again time for 
Open Studios

 I will be opening my doors and welcoming
visitors who come to see my work.
If you're in the area why not pop in for a look round 
and a cup of tea!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A little Treat......

A few weeks ago I decided to give myself a little treat.  I have been waiting with great
excitement for my parcel to arrive and today it did!

So here they are........

My beautiful handmade, hand painted boots made by Tracey at 
Pandora Picture Boots in Glastonbury.
I am a very happy bunny!!!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'm Lichen this!!

I have had a bit of a break this last couple of weeks, a week in beautiful Devon
 then a week with my family in Northern Ireland.

Whilst taking a walk around the country lanes in Devon I 
came across some beautiful lichen growing on a wooden fence.

It is very reminiscent of Barnacles growing on a boat hull or rocks on the shore!

I also came across this very dessicated Hydrangea head.

It was great to find that this head had been missed when deadheading and had 
been left to decay,  allowing nature through death to create a beautiful delicate 
ethereal flower head.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Final Doodle....

So, the final Doodle lesson with Traci at 
Strathmore Workshops was all about painting
whimsical faces.  Not something I am very confident
about doing!!
So having taken a deep breath I took the plunge and here is
my piece..... her eye is very large and not at all how
I meant it to turn out!!

I'm really pleased with the overall look of the piece and the colour
scheme and the fact that her face shape is pretty good and her
hair &lips worked out quite well too.  

I've really enjoyed having a go at the workshop and will continue to
use the techniques Traci has shared with us.

Monday, 30 January 2012

A Weekend Away

A bright and sunny Saturday morning saw us heading up to Hereford for 
a much needed weekend away with a small detour to a log cabin showroom!!

We stayed Leominster ( pronounced Lemster!) and, having feasted on
one of the biggest breakfasts we have ever had we
had a wander round the town looking
at all the beautiful black and white Tudor buildings.

I loved this sign on the pub opposite the hotel we stayed in!!
Sadly this poor woman in the sign was probably Sarah Leeke  of Leominster being 
ducked in one of the last recorded instances of this practise around 1817.

 Once we had finished in Leominster we headed down to Hereford,
to have a wander round the town and the Cathedral grounds.  

The beautiful Cathedral door with all it's iron scroll work.

Statue of Edward Elgar in the Cathedral grounds.

We found this beautiful piece of wall in the courtyard along with lots of old
gravestones which made up the pathways.

Lots of inspiration found to draw on over the weekend.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Carrying On.......

Carrying on with the watercolour paint and marker doodles.......  

For this piece I taped four sheets of A3 watercolour paper together to 
give me a much bigger working area.

As I find it quite hard to just doodle freely I thought it would
be a good idea to put a favourite piece of music on, close my eyes and 
do the initial watercolour doodle marks without
looking at my work too often to see what results
I would get.

So not only do I have one big piece of work, but when 
broken up I also have four smaller pieces of work
to take inspiration from as well.

This time I tried to write using an ink pen, unfortunately the ink
 bled when it was used on the watercolour paint.
So note to self.....use marker pens on these areas!!

These doodles are going to be the starting point for a series of works
on Goddesses, weather they become part of the background
or part of the Goddess bodies themselves has yet to be explored
in more depth.

In each piece you can once again see the leaf/flower form which
is the enduring theme through out all these doodles.

I love the soft green colour within all these pieces and 
leaf shape that I have chosen to use this time.