Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Celestial Dancers ......Adding the detail....

Time to start having fun with stitch.
The little dancers have been hanging on my design wall for a good wee while now. (Well over a month, more like six weeks!)  Family commitments kept me away from them, and, on losing my beloved father my artistic muse totally deserted me. It has been a struggle to find it but it is slowly returning and today has been the first day I have felt like returning to my little studio. 
In my little haven of peace and solitude, with my favourite radio station on in the background I lost myself in the calm and opened my inner door and let the creativity flow.

 As each dancer is seen in a different constellation of the night sky I have outlined them with a metallic thread, keeping the detail to a minimum. They are meant to be ethereal rather than solid beings.

 In keeping the detail limited the dancers maintain the strong impact that I am looking for.

 This little ballerina is my favourite, I love her poise and grace!

Eventually they will all be named after different constellations, these will be stitched onto the backgrounds with weeny small buttons sewn onto the strategic star points within the constellation.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A little peek

Just a little sneeky peek at my next CQ journal quilts.  There will be 4 altogether with my theme being Celestial Dancers.........