Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Little Bit Of Upcycling

For years I have had this brilliant
wooden cutlery caddy.
It's a great size and has housed all my
little niff naffs on my sewing table.
It is very old and has been passed down
in the family and as a result was
looking a wee bit tired.

I had already removed the green baize from inside
the compartments.

Side pieces in place, good strong card covered
with wadding and fabric.

All the side linings in place....looking good.

In go the base pieces.  Once again, strong card
covered in wadding and fabric before being pushed 
down in place.

All done......

Now it's got a whole new lease of life.
Just waiting for all my sewing niff naffs
to go back into it.

Don't ya just love upcycling! 

Exhibition Update

Wow, what an amazing week we had 
down in Bradford On Avon in the beautiful
West Barn.  A more perfect setting we couldn't
have asked for.

We hung the work on the Monday and
opened to the public on the Tuesday, and they
came to visit us in a steady stream all day.

From Wednesday on it was incredibly busy.
In all 688 visitors came through the doors
to see our first exhibition.  

We claim no responsibility for the medieval banners hanging from 
on high.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to remove them.

We can be seen next at the South West Quilt Show
being held at the University of the West of England
13th - 15th November.