Thursday, 26 June 2008

A PC for Thea

I made this postcard to send to Thea in return for the lovely one she sent me. I chose a Sunflower for her as I think it reflects her personality. I hope she likes it!

The background was created by dabbing acrylic paint onto 'stitch & tear', this then had threads laid over the top followed by sheer fabric. The whole lot was then stitched with wavy lines. The Sunflower was reverse appliqued and finally a few beads were added to the centre.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Being the Other Mum

This morning I received this beautiful postcard from my surrogate daughter Thea. It arrived on a day when I was feelling very low and it completely undid me.

I am so lucky to have such beautiful girls (Thea and Erin) in my life and to be a receipient of such love and generosity.

Thank you so much Thea.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Accidental Klimt

A little while ago I made this small art piece.

It's about the same size as an A4 piece of paper. I used silk scraps in varying natural shades with a little bit of sheer fabric.

All the pieces were cut freehand so there are no straight lines anywhere. Under the sheer fabric I added metallic elements and shapes cut out of paper. The whole thing was then heavily machine quilted with a variety of different threads, variegated and plain.

The colours came out a little dark on this photo!

By accident, the end result is very Klimt like.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Here's One I Received Earlier

I received this postcard a few days ago from my good friend Dot. Very relieved when it arrived as we thought it had been lost in the post it took so long to arrive. We've been exhanging pc's for a couple of years now, last year we did a journal series. This year we are going for shorter 'series' of 3 or 4 pc's. Dots series is anemonies and this is the first one.

The background is made up of layered papers which have been inked and stamped then machine and hand stitiched.

It's beautiful. Thank you my friend.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Favourite Place

I am currently in Northern Ireland, but not on holiday. Having said that Rob and I did manage a day out before he left to go home. We took ourselves up the Antrim Coast to one of my favourite childhood places, The Giants Causeway. As children we spent many many hours walking the cliff paths and exploring the stones with my Uncle, he would take us for a wee 'dander' and walk us for miles, returning us home absolutely exhausted!

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to walk very much of the cliff path as it has been closed due to landslides over the last few years but we still walked as far as we could.

I came home feeling inspired to make a couple of postcards to send to friends. Easier said than done as I have no resources over here and mum's sewing machine only does straight and zigzag stitch with fixed feed dogs. Still undaunted I fished around and came up with some coloured papers, found some ribbon and sequins in a local shop and set to making a pc inspired by my day out to the Causeway.

Trying to free machine by covering the feed dogs with card proved to be a bit of a disaster so I had to give up on that and just use straight stitch.

I'm bringing my sewing machine with me next time!