Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Golden Years Remembered

Last November my lovely Mum & Dad celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, something which, a few years ago we didn't think they would achieve as my dad was seriously ill. My sister and I gathered family and friends together for a surprise party to celebrate the occasion.

Since then I have been working on a book, filled with pictures of the evening and a poem that my sister and I wrote for mum & dad. Something that they can pick up and put down to remind them of the fantastic evening we all had!

Front cover of the book. This is mount board covered with hand made paper.

The inner pages were made using silk in various shades of gold and cream. Each Photo was mounted onto a tag made of decorative card with ribbon down the middle The picture was then mounted onto the ribbon. Each photo tag sits in its own little pocket made of parchment paper and edged with tea dyed rick-rack.

Each photo has a ribbon running from it to the top corner and is linked to the next one by a heart charm.

The poem is on deckle edged card which has a gold edge. The poem was read out on the evening and culminates in the toast to mum & dad, there was not a dry eye in the house!

It was an evening of love and laughter and Mum & Dad were 'toasted' with much cheering and handclapping. A memorable evening for everyone!

Monday, 10 November 2008

A Little Somthing for a Friend

Here is a little 'something' I made for a friends birthday. She always has loads of bits of paper around that the writes her shopping lists, to do lists etc on so I decided to make a her a book with laminated pages. That way she can keep her lists all in one place!

The cover was made by stamping a leaf and flower design onto some pale lilac fabric using fabric paints. It was then layered up and I quilted round the flowers and leaves and added some shadow quilted flowers.

The inner pages were made by laminating pretty notepaper, so are wipe clean. The pages were sewn onto fabric windows....very tricky as the laminated paper is very slippy!

There are four laminated pages in total.

The cover of the book with the finished stitching.

The inside of the front cover.

Lastly I made a tie with some very thin dusky pink and grey ribbon with added beads.

Happy Birthday My Friend x