Monday, 30 January 2012

A Weekend Away

A bright and sunny Saturday morning saw us heading up to Hereford for 
a much needed weekend away with a small detour to a log cabin showroom!!

We stayed Leominster ( pronounced Lemster!) and, having feasted on
one of the biggest breakfasts we have ever had we
had a wander round the town looking
at all the beautiful black and white Tudor buildings.

I loved this sign on the pub opposite the hotel we stayed in!!
Sadly this poor woman in the sign was probably Sarah Leeke  of Leominster being 
ducked in one of the last recorded instances of this practise around 1817.

 Once we had finished in Leominster we headed down to Hereford,
to have a wander round the town and the Cathedral grounds.  

The beautiful Cathedral door with all it's iron scroll work.

Statue of Edward Elgar in the Cathedral grounds.

We found this beautiful piece of wall in the courtyard along with lots of old
gravestones which made up the pathways.

Lots of inspiration found to draw on over the weekend.

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