Thursday, 28 August 2008


My sister & I have had a lovely day playing with Silver clay making jewellery.

It was hard to get a really good photo because of the light reflection in the bowl. Anyway, it's got small flower with a Sapphire in the centre and a ball with silver sprinkle dust on it in the bowl and the band has a wavy edge to it. Some parts of it have a very shiny finish whilst others have been left burnished to give a bit of contrast.

The pendant above is an angels wing with the word dream. The feathers were etched into the damp clay and the lines were darkened after firing with liver of sulphur. ( Think 'stink bombs here !! ) The letters were impressed using rubber alphabet stamps.

This is the pendant my sister made. It has a dragons head on with mountains in the background. Its beautiful.

What a truly wonderful way to spend a day together.


Homeleightigger said...

WOW Mandi! These are amazing - what talent - I am absolutely speechless! Just gorgeous.

dot said...

The ring is beautiful, am really looking forward to seeing it, SOON!