Friday, 20 August 2010

Rock Pools

Way back in September last year you had a little sneaky peek at something I was working on. I had intended for it to be a project for myself to work on as and when I felt like it. It has since evolved into my final assessment piece. These are my Rock Pools. As a child I loved nothing more than clambering barefoot over the rocks, shrimp net in hand, lifting up the stones in the pools to see what weird and wonderful creatures resided there. Sometimes finding a whole plethora of sea life and at others not a single thing. I still haul myself over the rocks, though at a more sedate pace and wearing walking boots to see what can be found! I guess there is still a bit of that 'fascinated little girl' in me from long ago!!


kasia | szkieuka said...

Wow, this is awesome! When I looked at the super-large photo, I realized how much detail there is in this piece. So cool.

quiltchick said...

Thank you so much Kasia for your lovely comments. Much appreciated. :)