Thursday, 15 July 2010

More on the Postcard Front

Just another couple of postcards that I've made recently. The one below was made out of a left over piece of fabric I had made out of lots of different pieces of fabric, cottons, sheers, lace etc. The whole piece was then covered with a sheer fabric and free machine quilted all over using a smocking thread in the bobbin. Once heated the smocking thread shrinks and warps giving the whole thing lots of interesting textures. Works best with very lightweight fabrics. It was originally made for an A4 sized piece. Once cut into postcard size pieces I needed something as a focus on the delving into my stash of bits and bobs I found some burnt paper leaves I had made a little while ago. Perfect I think!!

This postcard was made for a swap....the theme being 'Fire & Ice'. The 'Ice' background fabric was created by layering up lots of different fabrics, silks, cottons, sheers, lace and moon & star sprinkles. This was then covered with white netting and free machine stitched all over.
The 'Fire' is made up of wool tops felted together on the embellishing machine before being cut out and appliqued to the Ice background. A little bit of glitter paint was added along with some red beads to finish it off.

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Val said...

The Fire and Ice is so graphic Mandi - I can feel the heat from here! Love the bark too, of course!