Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Play Time!

This year my sister & I have decided to set each other a challenge for Christmas. The rules are very simple, we both have to have the same basic present with a price limit of £10. Once we have found something we both like we then have free reign to fill it with any manor of things, but whatever we fill it with has to be made from anything we have to hand in the house. No extra expenditure is allowed!

So now we've found some lovely wicker Trugs for the garden........

the fun can really begin.................

My first 'make' to go in the trug is an apron made from a t-towel. I have a bit of a t-towel fetish and buy lovely ones then hide them in the back of the drawer as I don't want to get them stained!! Virtually all my t-towels have dye stains on them!! At the beginning of the year I bought some lovely mint coloured ones from Asda and duly hid them! I came across them whilst tidying out the drawer and decided it was time to put one of them to a good use.

To the basic t-towel I added three pockets made from my stash of fabric and an extra long tie so it can be wrapped round the waist and tied at the front. I folded the two top edges of the t-towel round to the back just to add a little shape to the top of it. Eh Viola!

Now....what can I make next.............................?


dot said...

lovely apron...making them is catching you know! How about a pouch for her secateurs, or smart knee pads for all that kneeling?

Patti said...

this is so cute! I'm going to have to learn how to sew! My mother is an ace seamstress - I'm going to send this post to her.
Thanks for your comment on the tags I made - take a look at the whole tag book on Art-e-Zine's site:
there are some really awesome ones - Pat Winter participated - and hers are quilted!