Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Call Of The Sea

For a piece of my course work I had to make a bowl of some description. Having recently spent much time by the sea I knew instantly what I wanted to do.

So, on a piece of pelmet vilene I had bondawebbed I laid torn up strips of fabric, cotton, sheers, silks & nets in a spiral pattern. Starting with the darkest in the centre spiralling out to the whites for the crests of the waves at the edges. I also added some chopped up silver threads sprinkled onto the white areas before covering the whole with a fine piece of net. To hold it all together I vermicelli stitched it all over and then stitched a wave around the top edge.

The edges were then shaped to mirror the waves before stitching the sides together. As a finishing touch I stitched some shells and sea glass to the inside. I'm ever so pleased with the finished result!

1 comment:

Val said...

So you should be ever so pleased - it has worked really well - the whole piece is absolutely delightful!