Thursday, 21 August 2014

On A Different Note

Well it's been a busy few weeks here in the 
Bainbridge Household.  My little studio, that was
attached to the side of the house is no more.

My studio looking very old and tired. And suffering
from a very leaky roof.  

Sadly it had come to the end of it's life, the roof
was starting to sag and leak.
In it's place I now have the most 
amazing space to work in.  It's twice the size with
a vaulted ceiling so I have display space high up.

The Studio has the front door sited within it
to make it easier when Open Studios comes round.

My lovely big windows have also been refitted.

Inside I have a massive vaulted ceiling
with sky lights.  As it's south facing it will
be flooded with natural light.

All plastered and ready to go!

The only thing left to do now is to get
the paint out and add the finishing touches!

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