Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Busy Times....

With the exhibition well under way I thought it was time to catch up on my
blog posts and put up some pictures of the main pieces of work.

This year all my pieces are based on Goddesses.

This series all came about with the passing of a truly amazing man,
my Dad.   

This first piece is all about him, his love of sea & river fishing.
All the swirls, dots & bubbles are happy memories of him 
and all the antics he used to get up to!


I have always found the Moon to be mesmerising.
It has a healing power that calms, heals and restores.

Moon Goddess

This  piece is all about renewal.  
As a child I lived in Australia, and no matter how
many bush fires occurred nature could never be halted.
She has an amazing ability to bring new life to the
most barren of places.


This last piece is about the cycle of nature.
Each spring nature awakens and makes our
world a place full of beauty and magic.

Tree of Life

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