Monday, 14 November 2011

A Little Bit Of Sparkle!!

Saturday saw myself and a group of ladies spending the day creating beautiful
Winter Wonderland mini quilts.

  I had been invited by the Dorset Branch of South West Quilters to teach my Winter Wonderland workshop.

So Sat dawned very foggy down in Weymouth, Dorset, 8am saw me driving through the fog to Portisham Village Hall, just along the coast from Weymouth. An ideal venue to host a workshop.  Lots of space for everyone and very light and airy.

My class consisted of 14 very lovely ladies all of whom set to, and started creating their backgrounds. 

Irene constructing her background.
A couple were horrified that they had to tear their fabric into strips, no rotary cutting on this workshop!  This is a very textural workshop so tearing is necessary.
Rowena adding lots of textures and sparkle!
At one point you could have heard a pin drop, such was the concentration in the room.

Desira concentrating !!

Having achieved the first layer of our complex cloth we broke for lunch to stretch the legs and put the world to rights!!
Then it was on to stage two, adding lots of threads, sparkles, snowflakes, a final layer of netting and plenty of quilting to hold all the layers together. 

This part went down well with the ladies being free to add as much or as little sparkle as they liked.  


They were definitely a sparkly bunch of ladies and were creating some fantastic backgrounds.
Once all that was done and quilted down it was time to add the trees, words and finishing touches.


  Everyone was pleased with their achievements and for some ladies it was a first and took them totally out of their comfort zone, everyone went away with a smile on their face having thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Linda's finished pieced with added trailing holly leaves. 

Pam added deer to hers

The almost finished pieces.

A big Thank You to Maggie & Desira the SWQ Dorset Reps and to
Maggie again for putting me up and putting up with me!!!

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Val said...

Some really magical pices there Mandi - the ladies must have been delighted and it looks as if you had a great time teaching them too! Brilliant!