Monday, 8 August 2011

The Garden Apothecary

I have, for a long time been interested in the edible and remedial properties of everyday plants found in most gardens.  It's amazing how many plants are grown in my garden that have edible properties that I  am still learning about.

So my next 4 Journal Quilts all have this theme running through them.  Finding out about which parts of them are edible and which parts can be made into tinctures, poultices and lotions to treat various ailments.  

Rather than take my word for it, I would
strongly advise you to do your own research before trying any of the remedies listed!!!

Sea Holly June 2011

Disperse dyed background with a piece of my printing board drop cloth.  The words have been printed onto t-shirt transfer paper which has then been ironed onto sheer fabric.  Sea Holly fabrics have been screen printed and appliqued on.  Detail free machined.

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Val said...

Love all the different things 'going on' in this one Mandi - beautiful interpretation.
Funny enough, my daugter is taking classes on this very subject you write about. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog recently, much appreciated.