Friday, 10 June 2011


This little beauty fell at my feet this morning when I opened the shed door.  There she sat, despite me telling her she was going to get run over by the lawn mower if she didn't move!  But she sat, ignoring me.  Maybe she was cold and needed to warm up before she could fly so I gently lifted her and placed her on a leaf in the sun.  Wouldn't you know, 20 minutes later her antennae were up and she was looking perkier and shortly after that she took flight and went on her way.
I am slightly flummoxed by her appearance, we've not seen this butterfly before in the garden!  Any idea of who she is??


dot said...

I think that you will find that your "Butterfly" is in fact a "Moth" - a Scarlet Tiger, (or Callimorpha dominula to be exact!). It is also a more rare example of the Scarlet Tiger as it has yellow spots on the forewings.
Love Neil

Mandi said...

wow.....i've never seen such a colourful moth before! Thank you Neil. I wonder if we will ever see another one in the garden!