Saturday, 30 April 2011

Finished In Time!

I have been very excited about this piece of work for the upcoming exhibition!

Last year we went to Westonbirt Arboretum for the Festival Of Trees.  Every year, as part of the forest management a number of trees are felled and these are then sliced up and sold on to the public.  I bought 3 beautiful pieces of Yew each one about 5 -6 feet long!   They have been sitting in the shed, allowing them to season naturally and are now ready to be used.  After much sanding and waxing here is the finished piece, which, of course has been used to showcase a piece of textile art!

I love the shape, colour and texture of the Yew and being a Traditional English Longbow Archer this is what our bows would originally have been made of.
  The feet were made by a friend out of wrought iron and the whole thing stands about four and a half feet high.


Val said...

Just beautiful Mandi! I clicked on it, and realised the artwork doesn't have a green frame, but I can see the hedge behind it! Very clever and looks amazing.
I'll be thinking of you - I am sure the Exhibition will be a huge success - GOOD LUCK!

Mandi said...

Thanks Val......I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm Deborah said...


love the snippets of what you have done and wish I could come and see everything 'in the flesh'!!

the wood looks FANTASTIC and what a great idea to put 'feet' on it and use it for display!

thinking of you and wishing you a fabby 'open studio' experience....