Monday, 27 July 2009

The Story Continues......

So having finished stamping my designs all over it was time to cut out the shapes, leaving an extra 1/4 inch all round to be trimmed back later.

Next, each piece needed to be embellished with various sea themed designs.
(Bet you hadn't guessed that one, lol!!)

The first piece has seaweed appliqued onto it in silk.

The hand stitching was done after appliqueing the design.

Next the second and fourth pieces were hand stitched.

Finally the third piece had more seaweed reverse appliqued on it, again in silk. Then another piece of seaweed free machined onto soluble fabric was stitched on.

The Ammonites were made from felt, machine stitched and burnt back with a soldering iron, and also from tin foil bonda-webbed onto black net and coloured with alcohol inks before being stitched and cut out. A little bit of glitter paint was added to give them a bit of a sparkle.

Finally pieces of shell, sea glass and stone were stitched onto the final piece.

The four almost finished pieces.

Long way to go yet but it's getting there.

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dot said...

they look amazing, looking forward to seeing them all together as a vessel.