Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I have just spent a wonderful week in Devon with a very special like minded friend. We had a fab time making a mess ( me more than her) with screen printing, mono printing, laminating and printing using all sorts of blocks, both home made and bought. I am really pleased with the fruits of my labours!

I bought Ruth Issetts book Print, Pattern & Colour at the Birmingham Quilt Show and have been devouring it over breakfast for the past couple of weeks. These are my completed pieces. I really enjoyed this method of printing and adding colour and could have happily carried on for ever, or until I ran out of fabric!

This is the book cover I made to go over one of my sketchbooks with one of the pieces of fabric. I had quilted it previous to stamping and dying it so see what difference it made using Ruth's technique. It worked just as well either way.

We had a go at screen printing, something I had not tried before. I had found this image of a tree on an old Halloween decoration and loved it so photocopied it to use on a screen. The fabric above was mono printed using anaglypta wallpaper, then the flowers were printed on and finally the tree was screen printed over the top.

The tree on a piece of mono printed fabric donated by my friend!

We also had a go at laminating, new to me also.... from the book by Leslie Morgan, Claire Benn & Jane Dunnewold. I had chosen sunflowers as my theme.

The image on the left is in colour and the one on the right is also sunflowers but in black and white, both were torn collaged pieces of paper on sheer fabrics. I really like the black and white one as it is very soft to look at.

And finally, a couple more prints that I did!

This one is a freehand cut stamp made out of funky foam.

This on was made using commercially bought stamps.

And finally.................

One last screen print that is unfinished......................

Am really looking forward to our next week/weekend together.


riya said...

Your one-week hard work has turned out to be a miracle. These designs are fantastic.


dot said...

The book cover looks great, as do all the other pieces, roll on the next one!

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Mandi - well what a wonderful collection, I'm gobsmacked! All the surfaces look really scrummy - I don't see the 'african' lady though?

Homeleightigger said...

Yes, Yes I can see the 'african' lady, she is hiding in the first pic.! Love the finished pieces too.