Monday, 19 May 2008

I Took A Notion!

Why is it that I always take a notion to do something at the least appropriate time?

Having been to a 60th birthday bash on Sat night I thought it was a good idea on getting up on Sunday morning to make a bag. It had occured to me on waking that I just didn't havethe right bag to take to Ireland with me on Weds. Those that know me will know that on looking inside my wardrobe there is not a bag in site. LOL.

Now it has to be said that late nights boogeing and a few tipples do not go hand in hand with my creative mind! Never let it be said that i'm not up for a challange. Undaunted by the fact that I didn't have a pattern and not too much of an idea of what I wanted to do I launched myself with 'typical gusto' at the project. ('Typical gusto' also runs in the family, my dad suffers from it as well!)

That said, after some mistakes, (I can't possible own up to how many) I finally finished said bag and am quite pleased with it. I used some of my hand dyed felted blanket and line the inside with cotton fabric. The applique was done using more hand dyed felt and cotton fabric.

I really must learn to control these notions!


dot said...

What a clever girl you are, have always told you it's good to work under pressure when you really don't have the time!
I think the bag's really lovely.

Homeleightigger said...

What a sweet bag Mandi - love the applique. Val